Discovery Beaujolais

There’s an S on BEAUJOLAIS because there are 12 of them.

The Beaujolais Crus

You can count them on the fingers of two hands, either quite simply alphabetically or, more know –ledgeably, geographically following the Saone River upstream.
From the South to the North, on mainly granitic terrain, they follow one after the other without necessarily resembling one another and giving way one to the next to form an almost perfect chain : after Brouilly comes Côte de Brouilly, following on are Régnié, Morgon and Chiroubles, closely tagged by Fleurie, Moulin à Vent, Chénas, Juliénas and Saint-Amour that forms the northern limit of the Beaujolais region, on the frontier with the Macônnais winemaking region.

The Beaujolais-Villages

Beaujolais Villages has its cradle in 38 villages, that spread out over 30km, from the borders of the Mâconnais winemaking region to the north, down to Villefranche in the south.

The Beaujolais

The Beaujolais appellation area includes 72 villages in the southern and eastern parts of the winegrowing soils. Some of the wine made is sold as Beaujolais Nouveau.


Charm, French style
The most widespread of the Beaujolais Crus is colorful, firm and full-bodied.
Surface area : 1210ha
Soil type : granite and alluvial sand

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Great wines have their secrets
This, the “rarest” of the Beaujolais Crus has made its place as a cellaring wine that is generous and tender in the mouth.
Surface area : 240ha
Soil type : granitic sand

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Infinitely gourmet
This is the highest perched of the Beaujolais Crus. In the mouth this lip-smacking wine is both tender and elegant.
Surface area : 330ha
Soil type : granitic and porphyry

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Great wines have their summit
The wines here flourish on the step, well-exposed slopes of Mont Brouilly. The terroir is uniquely homogeneous for the Beaujolais region. It requires a little cellaring for its elegance on the palate to develop to the full.
Surface area : 320ha
Soil type : andesite granite (blue stone)

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Divine countryside for feminine wines
Its velvety texture, elegance and fruity and floral aromas inveigle at the first sip. This is often considered to be the most feminine of the Beaujolais Crus.
Surface area : 860ha
Soil type : granitic arenite

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Some wines have character
It quickly unveils a pleasant bouquet of peach, red fruit and floral aromas. This spirited wine is just as enjoyable young as after a few years in the cellar.
Surface area : 560ha
Soil type : schist and granite – seams of clay

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The strength of values you can rely on
From a distinctive terroir made up of decomposed rock and crumbly schist, this wine is seductivelyfull in the mouth. This is a rich, fleshy and powerful wine that improves with age.
Surface area : 1100ha
Soil type : loose granit and schist

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What a wine !
The vineyard give wines that are supple and well-built.
Surface area : 430ha
Soil type : sandy granite

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Powerful, for life !

The nobility of this wine’s character is drawn from manganese-rich granitic subsoil. This powerfully structured wine to lay down is worthy of its place with greats.
Surface area : 630ha
Soil type : granitic rich in manganese

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The tenderness of intense reds
A lively, refined and balanced wine that retains all the fruitiness of the Gamay.
Surface area : 310ha
Soil type : siliceous-clay

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A thousand and one tales to tell
As soon as it is poured, you can see that it is forthright and fruity. This is a wine that is harmonious and mellow on the palate.
Surface area : 4150ha
Soil type : crystalline

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A real treat, in a dream décor
Beaujolais plucks its aromas from its terroir and gives them up simply, with freshness and suppleness.
Surface area : 5120ha
Soil type : limestone-clay and granitic

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A growing number of connoisseurs are enjoying this magical, unexpected and delicious wine.
Surface area : 200ha
Soil type : siliceous-clay and limestone-clay

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It is impatiently looked forward to on every third Thursday of November.

The new wine, that is the flagship of our heritage, mainly comes from the AOC Beaujolais appellation area. Only a third comes from Beaujolais Villages.

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